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March 19, 2018

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Welcome to our website!

This website was created to serve APWU members of the Clerk Craft (Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas) and of the Maintenance Craft (Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska).  It is a joint venture of the Clerk Craft NBAs and the Maintenance Craft NBA of the Kansas City Office.

Robert D. Kessler, Clerk Craft
Dan Skemp, Clerk Craft 
Jeff Beaton, Maintenance Craft




Contacting Your Business Agents by E-mail

We have found the "contact us" page on our site is not the most efficient way to contact the NBAs in our office by email.  Please use the email addresses listed below to contact the NBAs directly.  Thank you.

Bob Kessler (Clerk craft)  --
Dan Skemp (Clerk craft) --
(When emailing your clerk NBAs, please send your questions to both NBAs.  Thanks.)

Jeff Beaton (Maintenance craft)  --

There's an App for That

Union Label Has an App The Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO has developed a new mobile app. The app is your source for news and information from the department. Within the app, you can search for union-made products and services. As well, you can quickly find the latest boycott information, copies of our newsletter, and a handy form to add your union-made product(s) or service to help other union members to buy union. We will also alert you to breaking news and important information when you allow ?push notifications.?
Address for submitting Step 3s and Direct Appeals

 Step 3 Appeals and Direct Appeals from Step 2 to Arbitration must be sent to the Postal Service at the appropriate address.  The addess is:

     LR Appeals
     U.S. Postal Service
     P.O. Box 25398
     Tampa  FL   33622-5398

Ensure that all appeals are timely mailed to this one address, per the terms of Article 15 of the National Agreement.  To guarantee proper documentation of timely submission, please use certified mail for all appeals to the Postal Service.  Please ensure that everyone responsible for sending up these appeals understands the Article 15 obligations and knows proper procedures.  And, if you have any questions, as always please call our office at (913) 888-8555.


Violation Log Sheet - PM/Supervisor doing BU work & crossing crafts

The Union has developed a form (attached) for you to record the amount of clerk craft work that the Postmaster/OIC, Supervisor, PMR, or members of other crafts are performing in violation of YOUR contract.   It can be used to document any type of violation when Postmasters, Supervisors, PMR’s or any other craft is improperly performing bargaining unit clerk work.
Download: 1.6 violation or Art 7 violation worksheet.pdf
Avoiding Double Dues When New Members Join APWU

No one wants to have double dues taken out when they transfer crafts and join the APWU; and we do not want a new member to be upset about this.  Avoiding double dues can be done by following these few simple steps.

Download: Avoiding Double Dues When New Members Join APWU.PDF
Arbitration Award - Theft of gift card

Grievant was removed for theft of a $10 Target gift card from the mail.  Evidence disclosed that she was on leave from December 24 through January 4 - therefore, was not at work on December 3 when the OIG agent placed the gift card in the collection box.
Download: 10307238 (Ft Dodge IA).PDF
Arbitration Award - Deems Desirable

The most recent "Deems Desirable" award.  Arbitrator Brown - December 2, 2010

Download: 09095810 (Melville NY).PDF
Arbitration Award - Maximization not prevented by Art. 12 withholding

This case resulted in conversion of three PTFs to full-time in spite of the office being under "withholding."

Download: 09039040 (Jonesboro AR).pdf
"Deems desirable" lists

There has been a substantial increase in requests for medical documentation for call-in absences by those not on restricted sick leave in an attempt to intimidate and coerce employees into not using sick leave.

Our position  is that the ERMS system does not allow a supervisor to place an employee in a “deems desirable” status, thus creating an automatic “blanket policy” of requiring documentation regardless of circumstances which is a violation of the ELM 513.3 provision and a 1982 Step 4 settlement prohibiting blanket orders for documentation.

Employees should follow the instructions to seek medical treatment and grievances should be filed (based on individual circumstances) seeking reimbursement for the time (travel to and from including waiting and treatment time), mileage, and all expenses including co-pay and any other related tests such as x-rays, etc.

See the attached arbitration award on this issue for guidance.

Download: 07209854 (ColumbusOH).PDF
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